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“If You Build It, He Will Come”: Florida TaxWatch Looks At The Tampa Bay Rays’ Ballpark Proposal

This report examines the key aspects of the deal and identifies critical questions that local officials should consider in determining whether the proposed ballpark is in the best interest of taxpayers.

Key Points:

- The City of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County are expected to pay about half of the estimated $1.3 billion cost, with the Rays covering the remainder. 
- Projected 30-year economic impacts include $11.9 billion in total output, up to 17,782 jobs, and $185 million in incremental county tax revenue.
- The report does not draw conclusions on whether the deal is good or bad, but rather outlines important questions officials must answer before making a decision.
- Considerations include the total public costs, the best use of public funds given other community needs, the fairness of the cost-sharing agreement, potential revenue sharing and clawback provisions, and more.
- Research shows that the economic benefits of publicly subsidized sports facilities are often overstated and insufficient to justify large subsidies.

To learn more about this critical issue and the key questions that need to be addressed, download the full report. The independent analysis provides valuable insights to inform the public dialogue as local leaders grapple with this significant decision affecting the Tampa Bay region.

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