Florida TaxWatch is growing, adding positions in Communications/PR and Research Divisions

About Florida TaxWatch

Florida TaxWatch is an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit public policy think tank based in Tallahassee, Florida. We regularly evaluate a broad range of public policies, programs, budgets, and operations to recommend improvements to maximize taxpayer value. The organization’s research and projects spans a variety of topics, including the economic growth and competitiveness, health care, education, social services, criminal justice, citizen engagement, budgets and taxes, and government efficiency. (For more information, visit our website at: FloridaTaxWatch.org)

To Apply:

  • Email Tony Carvajal at TCarvajal@floridataxwatch.org
  • List the position that you are applying for IN THE SUBJECT LINE
  • Attach a cover letter, resume, expected salary range, and any relevant work sample


The Florida TaxWatch Communications Team produces high-quality publications, events, promotions, and messages across various channels to share and leverage the research and policy recommendations of the organization, increase brand awareness, and deliver consistent messages to partners and stakeholders. Communications team members leverage design, marketing, media messages, events, community relations, and customer engagement in order to impact public policy and drive awareness, brand growth, and improve the bottom line. Regardless of job title, successful team members...

       are creative, entrepreneurial, proactive, results-oriented individuals, with strong interpersonal skills and experience working cooperatively and strategically with different teams;

       have experience developing, managing, and implementing programs and communications strategies across wide range of formats, channels, and tools;

       are fluent with various live, digital, and social engagement tools, as well as best practices in communications, outreach, community relations, capacity building, meeting facilitation, and public policy advocacy;

       have capacity to work well, in nonpartisan fashion, with people from diverse perspectives and are comfortable facilitating policy-oriented initiatives, synthesizing and organizing information, with an appropriate attention to protocol and confidentiality;

       have excellent problem-solving skills, written and oral communications skills, keen attention to detail, and demonstrated ability to organize, prioritize, and manage multiple tasks, meet deadlines, and work well under the pressure; and

       exhibit deep understanding of the synergy between membership, marketing, and fundraising in a nonprofit setting;

A degree or relevant work experience in marketing, communications, public relations, event planning, membership management, journalism, community relations, or related field is a must.

Communications and Publications Manager

  • Lead the organization's brand development, storytelling, and marketing strategy in all media formats
  • Oversee the design, review, production, and distribution of all reports, graphics design, marketing materials,collateral, infographics, videos, web and digital content, visual communications, email marketing, and outreach tools across each of our communications channels
  • Develop and implement integrated marketing and communications strategies across multiple channels to strategically align communications, marketing, and fundraising efforts with overall business goals and promote research, initiatives, activities, and organizational success
  • Ensure quality control of all Florida TaxWatch materials, products, messages, and presentations
  • Ensure cross-departmental collaboration on communications efforts, managing production timelines, promoting uniformity and consistency of brand guidelines, and ensuring deadlines and goals are met
  • Coordinate with EVP, Director of External Relations, PR firm, and other departments to write and distribute press releases and media alerts, draft talking points, produce presentations and posts, and create key audience-focused messaging that advance mission and positively impact operating and development goals

Event and Engagement Coordinator

  • Serve as key volunteer engagement point person for the organization, coordinating programming and membership experiences with staff, volunteers, partners and stakeholders, government officials, and other audiences to advance the mission of the organization and maximize the involvement of stakeholders
  • Mobilize resources to market and implement programming in order to meet the objectives of each project, and cultivate, develop, and grow strategic relationships
  • Develop, plan, and oversee the coordination, execution, and logistics for Florida TaxWatch meetings, events, and projects, including forums, training programs, webinars, committee meetings, workgroups, regional events, media rollouts, and other strategic convenings
  • Under guidance of EVP and other team leaders, manage budgets, contracts, venues, vendors, marketing, registration, programming, logistics, signage, onsite management and execution, and recognition for meetings, events, special projects, member engagement opportunities, and stakeholder experiences in a hybrid environment (live and virtual events)
  • Develop productive working relationships with members, staff, sponsors, partners, presenters, vendors, stakeholders, and other key contacts, leveraging relationships to deliver quality content and experiences
  • Work with development team to recruit, cultivate, solicit support, recognize, and honor commitments related to programs, events, activities, and experiences of the organization
  • Respond appropriately to member inquiries, needs, and complaints

Director of External Relations

  • Develop and execute outreach, marketing, and brand management plans that integrate with organization’s communications, events, projects, and marketing content in order to advance strategies, programs and partnerships, and maximize organizational impact
  • Oversee and implement “market intelligence” program to create and enhance partner and stakeholder relationships, leverage customer insight, strengthen brand engagement among target audiences, and positively impact annual operating/development goals
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies by monitoring metrics such as member engagement, digital interaction, website traffic, sales figures, and other available data
  • Provide mentorship, support, and strategic guidance around market insights in order to increase visibility and impact of our work among stakeholders and key audiences
  • In coordination with EVP and Research Team, pursue opportunities for strategic engagement with members, public and private partners, funders, media, and other targeted audiences and cultivate, develop, and maintain strong strategic relationships, collaborations, and alliances that advance the mission of Florida TaxWatch and align with our objectives
  • Coordinate with EVP and PR firm to cultivate media interest in the organization; provide responses to media requests; and leverage news coverage, analytics, and internal and external data


Florida TaxWatch Research Analysts are public policy professionals focused on conducting research, program evaluation, and policy analysis on broad range of issues of interest to Florida taxpayers and policymakers. Analysts are expected to collect, evaluate, and summarize data and research; demonstrate strong writing and communications skills; and be skilled at working independently, but also be a team player capable of engaging with a team of staff and volunteer thought-leaders to make recommendations and provide guidance on public policy issues. Research Analysts are expected to produce relevant, accurate, high quality, and timely research projects and presentations. Successful research team members...

       are creative, proactive, results-oriented individuals with excellent problem-solving skills, written and oral communications skills, keen attention to detail, and demonstrated ability to organize, prioritize, and manage multiple projects, meet deadlines, and work well under the pressure;

       have capacity to communicate persuasively across a variety of mediums, including written reports, legislative testimony, public presentations, and media appearances; and

       are intellectually curious and have capacity to work well, in nonpartisan fashion, with people from diverse perspectives and are comfortable facilitating policy-oriented initiatives, synthesizing and organizing information, with an appropriate attention to protocol and confidentiality;

Relevant post-graduate qualification and at least two years of public policy work or reporting experience is recommended. An emphasis in economics, budgets or tax analysis, health policy, public administration, journalism, or other research related enterprises is a plus.

Research Analyst

  • Research, compile, critically evaluate, analyze, and interpret data and information and write high-quality and timely reports with evidence-based conclusions and policy recommendations supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis in compliance with Florida TaxWatch Research Policies and Procedures and Research Processes
  • Develop, evaluate, and share ideas on ways that government can operate more efficiently, transparently, and with greater accountability
  • Keep abreast of relevant issues and activities within assigned issue/policy areas and track and analyze proposed legislation, appropriations, and agency and governor budgets
  • Regularly generate policy-related communications, such as reports, commentaries, presentations, op-eds, letters, and blogs
  • Develop and maintain relationships with state and local policymakers, policy area experts, and other key stakeholders.