Florida is Still a Donor State

The federal government plays an important role in helping Florida pay for the government services it provides, as federal funds make up 34 percent of the current state budget. But Florida gets much less from Uncle Sam than most states. Even with Florida’s relatively low level of state taxing and spending, there are 28 states that receive a larger proportion of total state revenue in federal funds.

Over the years, Florida TaxWatch has produced several reports examining how Florida fares, relative to other states, in receiving grants and aid from the federal government. Consistent with our past research, this new analysis shows Florida continues to receive far less than its fair share of federal grant dollars.

In 1998, Florida ranked 49th among the 50 states in terms of federal grants received per capita. A 2011 report showed Florida had increased its relative share of federal aid slightly, rising to 48th.

Watch this short video about the report:

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