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2024 Budget Turkey Watch Report

An analysis of the transparency and accountability of the budget process

Florida TaxWatch is proud to present the 2024 Budget Turkey Watch Report, an annual independent review that has been a staple since 1983. This report scrutinizes the Florida FY2024-25 budget, identifying appropriations that bypass established legislative procedures. Known as Budget Turkeys, these appropriations often serve limited areas, are not core state functions, or circumvent competitive bidding and oversight.

Key Highlights:

  • Budget Turkeys: The FY2024-25 budget includes 450 Budget Turkeys, totaling $854.6 million.
  • Additional Scrutiny: Projects totaling $912.2 million, while not qualifying as Budget Turkeys, warrant close examination by the Governor.
  • Proliferation of Member Projects: For the third consecutive year, the budget contains over 1600 local member projects, amounting to approximately $2.8 billion. This surge in member projects highlights the need for a more thorough review and fair selection process.


  • Reform and Limit Member Projects: To promote a transparent and accountable budgeting process, it is essential to establish a competitive review and selection system for local projects.
  • Adhere to Established Processes: The Legislature should follow its own rules and procedures, ensuring that every appropriation receives proper deliberation and public scrutiny.

The report emphasizes the importance of using taxpayer money judiciously, advocating for a budget process that prioritizes statewide needs and core government functions.

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