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2020 Census – How Florida Counties Compare

As we approach Census Day on April 1, 2030, it's crucial that all Floridians understand the importance of completing their census surveys. Florida TaxWatch presents this report as a valuable resource for taxpayers and policymakers to gain insights into how census participation varied across Florida's counties in 2020.

The report dives into key metrics like population counts, self-response rates, online response percentages, and changes from 2010 to 2020. It also examines the nonresponse follow-up methods used when households didn't initially complete the survey.

Florida has a history of census undercounts, which cost the state billions in federal funding. An accurate, complete count in 2030 is vital to secure Florida's fair share of federal dollars and representation.

With preparation needing to start now, the report shares ways businesses and individuals can take action today to support a complete 2030 count - from staying informed to encouraging employee participation to investing in community outreach.

We hope this report helps you understand the census process and identify where your county has room for improvement. Download the full report to see all the data and learn how you can help Florida break its census undercount streak in 2030. Remember, waiting until 2030 is too late - achieving a complete count starts now!

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