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Unleashing Digital Transformation: 2023 MakeMore Manufacturing Summit Summary Report

The 2023 MakeMore Manufacturing Summit report, titled "Unleashing Digital Transformation," serves as a crucial document reflecting on the annual event held on October 25 and 26, 2023. This event, a collaborative effort hosted by Associated Industries of Florida, CareerSource Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Florida Commerce, and FloridaMakes, took place at the Dr. Philips Center of Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida. The summit uniquely positioned itself as a converging point for thought leaders across all sectors of Florida's manufacturing industry, with a special emphasis on how continuous deployment of new technologies, encompassing both products and processes, can significantly enhance value and profitability at appropriate scales.

This report, diligently prepared by Florida TaxWatch, is addressed to attendees, policymakers, stakeholders, and anyone with a vested interest in the future of manufacturing in Florida. It outlines the summit's objectives to foster discussions around the challenges and opportunities within the manufacturing sector, thereby aiming to influence policy directions during the 2024 legislative session and beyond. Such discussions are pivotal for strategizing on leveraging digital transformation as a means to bolster economic growth, create jobs, and ensure the state's manufacturing industry remains competitive on a global scale.

The document is endorsed by key industry leaders, including Brewster B. Bevis, Adrienne Johnston, Mark Wilson, and Kevin Carr, who collectively represent the summit's organizing bodies. Their shared vision for the report is not just to recount the event's proceedings but to lay down a foundation for actionable insights and collaborative efforts towards digital transformation in Florida's manufacturing sector. This comprehensive approach marks the report as an indispensable resource for anyone looking to understand the intricate dynamics of manufacturing in Florida and the critical role of digital technologies in shaping its future.

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