Monitoring and Oversight of General Obligation Bonds to Improve Broward County Schools

Q3 (2023-2024)

/ Categories: Research, Broward BOC

The Q3 2024 Broward Bond Oversight report highlights significant progress in the SMART Program, with major advancements in technology, safety, and athletics in Broward County schools. All planned technology upgrades and safety projects are complete, improving the student-to-computer ratio and securing campuses. Despite these successes, challenges in renovations persist, with 29 projects likely to miss the October 2025 completion deadline. Leadership transitions and budget adjustments add further complexity. Florida TaxWatch plays a vital role in ensuring transparency and the efficient use of funds, continuing to oversee the program and provide recommendations to address ongoing challenges.

Social Determinants of Health: Health Care Access and Quality

/ Categories: Research, Economic Development, Health Care

This report examines the social determinants of health (SDOH), underscoring that environmental and social factors are the primary determinants of health outcomes. Significant barriers to healthcare access include high insurance costs and a large uninsured population, contributing to Florida's low national ranking in healthcare access. Challenges are particularly acute in rural and low-income areas, with a notable dependence on emergency services by uninsured individuals, imposing considerable economic strains.

To address these issues, the report suggests expanding Medicaid eligibility to enhance access and reduce costs, promoting telehealth to connect urban and rural communities, increasing autonomy for nurse practitioners and physician assistants to alleviate physician shortages, and implementing the "Live Healthy Agenda" to elevate healthcare quality and access throughout Florida. These recommendations aim to catalyze systemic changes for a healthier, economically stable state.

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