The Importance of Teacher Preparation to Student Achievement

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Within Florida's new educational standards, students will be expected to understand and apply rigorous English language arts and mathematics content at a much deeper level, to reflect on what they are learning, to defend or depart from conclusions, and to collaborate with other students in their learning process. For students to be successful, teachers must be afforded time with their colleagues to develop the same skills for their instructional practices.

Implementing the CCSS: The Importance of Getting it Right

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The first in a developing series about Florida's implementation of the Common Core State Standards, this Briefing gives background on the CCSS, and makes the case that in order for Florida to be an educational leader and provide the workforce talent to strengthen and transform our economy, Floridians from every sector must commit to support our students and teachers in unprecedented changes in teaching and learning.

Preeminence Designation for Florida's Universities

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The 2013 Florida Legislature, with support from the Governor, passed landmark legislation that established the criteria by which the state can declare preeminent institutions of higher education within Florida's State University System. Achieving the benchmarks required for preeminence will ensure that Florida public universities rank among the highest in the nation.

Session Spotlight: Proposed Changes to High School Graduation Requirements

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This Session Spotlight looks at the three pathways being debated in the proposed legislation, and how each track can help students achieve their goals through targeted coursework. The Spotlight also points out that both bills could be strengthened through increased attention to more rigorous English Language Arts assessments and professional training for teachers.

Aligning Postsecondary Education with Modern Employment Needs in Florida

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To address the steps that Florida has taken and should continue to take to match our graduates to the industries that need a workforce with skill-specific education, this Briefing looks at two aspects of the issue: how the right degree can make a difference in lifetime earning potential, and how Florida's Supply and Demand Portal can help students and employers achieve their goals.

Government Cost Savings Task Force Report for FY2013-14

Continuing a legacy that has resulted in the savings of at least $3.5 billion in Floridians' hard-earned tax dollars over the last four years alone, Florida TaxWatch added more than $1 billion in cost-saving options for lawmakers this year, with the release of this Report. This year's Report is the fifth in as many years from Florida TaxWatch, the independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit taxpayer research institute and government watchdog headquartered in Tallahassee.

Accountability is Essential

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Florida must continue to embrace and refine its system of accountability in public education in order to maintain the significant gains that have been made for all students, according to “Accountability is Essential,â€ù a new Briefing from the Florida TaxWatch Center for Educational Performance & Accountability (CEPA).