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Water Infrastructure Projects are Vital

Develop and Fund a 3-5 Year Strategic Work Program

Water provides varied and vital benefits to Floridians, our businesses, and visitors. We literally could not live without it. Our water resources are a massive, interconnected system, one that is expensive to maintain. Federal, state, and local governments have been spending a lot of taxpayer money on upkeep and enhancements, but there is still much work to be done.

The state has been enjoying unprecedented flush coffers in recent years and the Governor and Legislature are commended for devoting so much of it to water funding. There are numerous grants and other programs that allow local governments to seek financial assistance from the state for water infrastructure.

Florida also has a state Water Plan, which strives to lay out a vision, goals, and priorities. However, the current system for planning, assessing, and selecting water projects is lacking, particularly when it comes to legislator-requested local projects. We can and must do better.


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