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Could Florida Be The Next High-Tech Hub?

The International Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing Research (ICAMR) is a public/private partnership that brings the high-tech manufacturing industry together with local and state government partners and state universities to establish Florida as a leading advanced manufacturing hub. The consortium, organized as a not-for-profit entity, uses a public/private partnership model to maximize the impact of multiple funding streams, providing the ideal environment for the development of high-tech, high- wage jobs and innovative products. The ICAMR is the consortium responsible for building and operating the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC), which is envisioned as a 100,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing research and incubation facility in central Florida, focused on the research of advanced manufacturing techniques for emerging technologies, particularly smart sensors.

The ICAMR project is a promising opportunity for the Florida economy because it has the potential to add significant value while further diversifying the manufacturing sector in Florida. Currently, Florida is home to more than 18,200 manufacturers and 317,000 manufacturing workers. Four of the top five manufacturing segments in Florida (based on employment data) can be easily identified as advanced manufacturing or high-tech industries: aerospace products and parts, medical equipment and supplies, semiconductors and electronic components, and electronic instruments.

Advanced manufacturing leads to the production of high-value, big-ticket goods and results in higher wages and salaries, making it a worthwhile target for Florida’s economic development efforts. Advanced manufacturing utilizes sensitive, high-tech equipment, brings capital investment to the state, requires highly skilled, highly trained professionals, and is based on unique knowledge and strong intellectual property rights.

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