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The TaxWatch Research Blog is a forum where our research staff can address topics and issues in a short format. Keep an eye on this space during Legislative Session for frequent posts making sense of the activity at the Capitol. 

I'm Under Arrest For What?

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Over the past several decades, overall crime across the U.S. has been going down, and the situation is no different in Florida; the state is at its lowest crime rate since the 1960s. Despite this decrease in crime the number of people with criminal records in Florida (and the nation) has continued to grow rapidly, which raises the question “what’s going on here?”

FEMA's Disaster Deductible

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has undertaken rulemaking to consider the establishment of a deductible for its Public Assistance Program. Has Florida taken the right steps to make this new rule a favorable one?

Who is the school nurse?

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There is a high probability that the person known as “the nurse” in your child’s school clinic is not a licensed nurse.  In fact, this individual may not have any formal health care training and has earned this title by virtue of a desk in the clinic.

Host Countries Fail to Medal after the Olympic Games End

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The summer Olympics has now come and gone, and it will certainly be a memorable one. People from around the world cheered on their fellow countrymen, and women, as they put their hearts on the line in pursuit of gold and glory. However, now that the Olympic Games have concluded what happens to Rio de Janeiro? Will the country experience a boost in tourism or economic activity? Or, like our recent obsession for all things gymnastics and swimming, will Rio be forgotten with time?