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The TaxWatch Research Blog is a forum where our research staff can address topics and issues in a short format. Keep an eye on this space during Legislative Session for frequent posts making sense of the activity at the Capitol. 

Orlando Scores Big

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After hosting the Pro Bowl, and with March Madness on the horizon, Orlando is poised to score big.

Cruise Industry Anchors Florida Tourism

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The booming cruise industry is a significant driver of the state’s job market and, according to a recent report, is directly responsible for 138,300 Florida jobs.

Missing Player on the Board?

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Extending the trust we all have in nurses to the boardroom will complete hospital boards – no players will be missing.

Speaker Corcoran's New Rules Spotlight Budget Turkeys

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The new Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives wants to shake things up. Richard Corcoran began his new role with a bang, bringing forward new House rules that include changes aimed at limiting the influence of lobbyists on the legislative process.

St Pete Eyes a Renewable Future

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St. Petersburg has committed to a cutting edge plan to become the first city in Florida to garner all its energy from renewable resources.

Criminal Justice: Policy In Progress

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With the 2017 Legislative Session drawing closer, it is important to identify topics and bills and that have gained significant traction in recent years but haven’t come to fruition.

Sentencing Doesn't Require Psychic Powers

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As crime in Florida continues to decline and state prison populations continue to exceed 100,000 inmates, policymakers and practitioners are all seeking to mitigate corrections cost by opting for less costly, but just as effective, alternatives.