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The TaxWatch Research Blog is a forum where our research staff can address topics and issues in a short format. Keep an eye on this space during Legislative Session for frequent posts making sense of the activity at the Capitol. 

Expanding Drug Pricing Transparency

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Transparency in pharmaceutical pricing has the potential to save Floridians money while helping to control the rising cost of care via competition.

Orlando Scores Big

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After hosting the Pro Bowl, and with March Madness on the horizon, Orlando is poised to score big.

Cruise Industry Anchors Florida Tourism

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The booming cruise industry is a significant driver of the state’s job market and, according to a recent report, is directly responsible for 138,300 Florida jobs.

Missing Player on the Board?

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Extending the trust we all have in nurses to the boardroom will complete hospital boards – no players will be missing.

Speaker Corcoran's New Rules Spotlight Budget Turkeys

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The new Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives wants to shake things up. Richard Corcoran began his new role with a bang, bringing forward new House rules that include changes aimed at limiting the influence of lobbyists on the legislative process.

St Pete Eyes a Renewable Future

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St. Petersburg has committed to a cutting edge plan to become the first city in Florida to garner all its energy from renewable resources.