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Analysis of Florida's Behavioral Health Managing Entities Model

Florida administers the delivery of behavioral health services to the indigent and uninsured through what is referred to nationally as a regional model. In Florida, this regional model is managed by a group of nonprofit organizations called Behavioral Health Managing Entities (BHMEs). This model was designed to promote access to care and service continuity, be more efficient and effective, and streamline the administrative process to create cost efficiencies and provide flexibility to better match services to needs.

Florida’s behavioral health system has gone through several transformations to address the changing needs of the communities it serves. During this process, the system has faced challenges as well as seen significant improvements.

This paper analyzes the BHME model by exploring the history of Florida’s BHME model, BHME models in other states, and the benefits and limitations of the model. The analysis concludes with several recommendations for the continued improvement of Florida’s BHME model.

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