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Floridians Have Historic Opportunity to Control Their Government

While virtually every Floridian has some interaction with state government,‭ ‬it is easy for the average citizen to feel distanced from the political process of Tallahassee.‭ ‬And it can be easy for our elected leaders to feel distanced from their constituents if they do not regularly hear from the voters.

But every Floridian has a unique opportunity to share suggestions on how to make their state government more efficient and effective.

The state’s constitution requires a Government Efficiency Task Force to meet every four years.‚Ä≠ ‚ĨI am honored to be a member of the task force which consists of some of our state’s leading business and political leaders.‚Ä≠ ‚ĨThese leaders truly understand that they are there to represent you and introduce fresh ideas to ensure every taxpayer dollar is well spent and not wasted.

The Task Force is considering a wide variety of ideas including sharper government contracting for billions of dollars of goods and services,‭ ‬a modernized approach to benefits given to state employees,‭ ‬smarter sentencing for low-level offenders and other critical items to save taxpayers money and make your government run more efficiently.

Florida TaxWatch has served as the watchdog for state taxpayers for more than‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩ35‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩyears.‚Ä≠ ‚ĨFlorida TaxWatch recommendations have helped save Floridians billions of dollars over the years,‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩwhich means that this Government Efficiency Task Force can do so as well.‚Ä≠  ‚ĨBut it needs your suggestions,‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩideas,‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩencouragement and support as a state of more than‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩ19‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩmillion residents with a state budget closing in on‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩ$80‚Ä≠ ‚Ĩbillion per year.

We have never lost focus that this is your government and that it needs to represent your best interests.‭ ‬I encourage every Floridian to share their ideas with the Task Force for consideration and discussion.‭ ‬Please email‭ ‬ with your ideas and suggestions.‭ ‬These emails will be shared with the Task Force and become public record.

Dominic Calabro is the president and CEO of Florida TaxWatch.

Featured in Sunshine State News and the Pensacola News Journal.
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