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Florida TaxWatch Provides Assistance to Broward Schools' Bond Oversight Committee

Statement from Florida TaxWatch President and CEO Dominic M. Calabro about Florida TaxWatch’s independent watchdog role with the Broward County Schools’ Bond Oversight Committee.

“Broward County voters have overwhelmingly entrusted the local school board to effectively manage a local taxpayer investment of $800 million to improve aging schools, upgrade safety and security systems and purchase new equipment to enhance student learning. I commend Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie and the Broward County School Board for affirming their commitment to local taxpayers by creating the independent Bond Oversight Committee to ensure the bond process remains open, accountable and transparent.

“The taxpayers of Broward County must hold their public officials accountable for making sound investments in local schools and using their $800 million investment to its highest and best use. As the taxpayers’ trusted government watchdog for nearly four decades, Florida TaxWatch will work in a limited role with the Bond Oversight Committee to provide high quality, independent research and analyses to help committee members and the public properly carry out their oversight responsibilities.

“The creation of the Bond Oversight Committee is a small step in the direction of greater accountability and transparency in Broward School’s budgeting. It is my hope that with additional layers of accountability, the public will be confident in the school board’s and the oversight committee’s ability to guarantee every dollar of bond proceeds are used to reap the greatest benefit for Broward students, families and taxpayers.”

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