In 1989, Florida TaxWatch and two of its co-founders, J.E. Davis and A.D. Davis (owners and co-founders of Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.), created an awards program to inspire, reward, and recognize enterprising state employees for innovative and cost-effective accomplishments.

Even though the Davis brothers are no longer with us today, their wisdom, strength, and unwavering commitment to serving taxpayers lives on through today’s awards program. The program is a major government improvement initiative co-sponsored by Florida TaxWatch, The Florida Council of 100, and the state of Florida. In addition to Kyra's generous support, numerous corporate, individual and philanthropic contributors supplement the awards program.

These awards acknowledge achievements in areas such as process improvement, technology integration, and creative problem-solving. Past winners come from nearly every state agency in Florida, and include everyone from university professors, to transportation safety workers, to environmental engineers; awards like these show that Florida truly has the nation’s best public employees, and we are excited to see what groundbreaking ideas and actions are still to come.

The Productivity Awards not only serve as a platform to showcase success stories but also inspire a culture of continuous improvement within the public sector. By acknowledging and sharing these achievements, the program aims to foster a collaborative environment that encourages employees to think outside the box and implement forward-thinking strategies.

The recognition provided by the Productivity Awards not only boosts morale among government employees but also emphasizes the importance of innovation in addressing the evolving needs of the community. Ultimately, this program plays a crucial role in elevating the standard of public service in Florida by celebrating those who go above and beyond in their pursuit of excellence and efficiency.


2023 Government Productivity Awards Event

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 | 1:30pm

Bricks & Brass

316 West Tennessee Street

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

We look forward to seeing you at the FREE awards event.


In this, its thirty-fifth year, Florida TaxWatch and the Florida Council of 100 are proud to reinvigorate and reenergize the Productivity Awards. Aimed at recognizing and rewarding excellence in productivity, the awards highlight individuals and teams who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to finding innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and effectiveness in public service.

Nominations are due by midnight on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

Please note the following prior to submitting nominations:

Where teams have self-nominated in prior years, this year’s award recipients will come from nominations made by agency leadership. Ten nominated teams will receive a $2,500 cash prize at the Productivity Awards event on December 6, 2023.

  • Each state agency may submit up to two nominations. Should an agency submit more, the first two received will be considered. Should a joint-agency project or implementation be nominated, that will be counted separately from an agency's other nominations.
  • Nominations may recognize an individual or a team of up to ten people. Florida TaxWatch and the Florida Council of 100 will honor ten achievements from those nominated; each individual OR team will receive a (1) plaque and a total cash prize of $2,500.
  • Though all information provided will be considered in prize decisions, the Productivity Awards place a premium on recognizing and rewarding (1) innovation, and (2) real cost-savings/cost-efficiencies.
  • To be eligible for a cash award the nomination must present a convincing case that the project or implementation really did save as much money as claimed. Savings should not be nebulous, such as, for example, “time savings from faster traffic.”  The same is true for innovation.  Innovative projects have never been done before or "break the mold" with true “outside-the-box” or highly creative thinking and/or problem solving. Particularly for innovative projects or implementations, please highlight any aspects that may be a "first-in-Florida," "first-in-the-nation," or of particular national significance.
  • Merely doing one’s job very well does not support a Productivity Award.  Most top achievements are reached by demonstrating above average initiative and/or perseverance and extra effort.  If an achievement is worthy of recognition, this initiative, perseverance, and effort must be extensively detailed to show it is beyond the norm of the individual or team’s job description.
  • Some achievements may affect the private sector in a positive way.  Let us know how the achievement reduced time, effort, or expenses faced by the private sector and whether it created jobs or expanded a business in Florida.
  • Increasing efficiency whether through reduced time or labor is a reliable measure of achievement and usually produces significant savings.  If the savings were achieved as the direct result of increasing efficiency the process must be explained in plain, easy-to-understand language. 
  • Another indicator of an "above and beyond" achievement is that is has been, or can be, patented or copyrighted.  Explain what makes your nominated achievement eligible for a patent or copyright.
  • Of course, many worthy nominations don’t neatly lend themselves to evaluation under traditional criteria.  There may be unusual, external circumstances that distinguish the nomination.  These types of nominations are important to widen the variety of achievements considered, broadening the program. For these nominations, please share as much information as possible for judges' evaluation.

A Thanks to the 2023 Government Productivity Awards' Wonderful Sponsors:

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact Ana Hamil at or 850.222.5052.

Florida TaxWatch President & CEO Dominic Calabro Announces 2022 TPA Winners

Award Winners


Office of the Attorney General

AG OfficeAG Ashley Moody and the Opioid Settlement Team
AG OfficeAG Ashley Moody and the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking

Department of Financial Services

DFSCFO Jimmy Patronis and the Surfside Search & Rescue Team

Department of Management Services

DMSCamila Hornung and the Division of Telecommunications
DMSTom Berger and the Real Estate Development and Management Team
DMSAnn Reeves and the Division of Telecommunications
DMSRyan Stokes and the Office of Information Technology & Office of Strategic Planning

Department of Transportation

DOTMarshall Douberley and the Florida DOT District One Construction Team
DOTCarlos Vargas, Pamela Foster and the Florida Turnpike Toll Operations Team
DOTThomas Ryan and the Treasure Coast Operation Field Maintence Unit
DOTJavier Rodriguez and the District Four TSM&O Office Team

Florida International University

FIUKenia Junco and the FIU Office of Business Services
FIUEran Arbel and the FIU Division of Human Resources & Division of IT
FIUMatt Hagood & Stephen Bromfield and the FIU Division of IT, Media Technology Services Team

University Health Task Force

Florida State University

FSUSummer Toomey and the Graduate Enrollment Team

Justice Administrative Commission

JACThe GAL Hospital SWAT Team 

University of Florida

UFGwynn Cadwallader and the Connected by UF Conference Team
UFKathryn "Ali" Leaphart and the Facilities Services Team


Agency for Persons with Disabilities

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
APDQualityPathwaysPathwaysPhilip Lyons, Dr. Phil Adams, Cody Harrison, Brittani Griffin, David Douglas

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
FDACSTechnologyDivision of Food SafetyDivision of Food Safety, Manufactured Food TeamBrian Schuettler, Paulina Brewer, Matthew Coleman

Department of Business and Professional Regulation

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DBPRServiceDepartment of Business & Professional Regulation  Brett Litt
DBPRServiceDivision of Hotels & Restaurants, Bureau of Elevator Safety Michelle Haynes, Josh Phillips, Kela Bishop

Department of Corrections

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DOCServiceDeSoto Correctional InstitutionDeSoto CI Farm SquadBueford Patton, Christopher White, Carl Skinner, Jose Salgado, Jackquelyn Dixon
DOCServiceTaylor Correctional Institution Michael Brown, Joshua Tedder
DOCTechnologyLancaster Correctional Institution Will Allen

Department of Economic Opportunity

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DEOServiceDivision of Workforce Services  Casey Penn , Exit Smith , Mark Brennan , Awilda Carozza, Eric Ocasio
DEOTechnologyDivision of Workforce Services, Program Performance & Benefit Integrity Units Dian Thompson, Maria McCoy, Joy Depass, Helen Praria, Yaritza Cardona
DEOTechnologyDivision of Workforce Services Erik Wood, Sushma Kavarthapu, Sangeetha Karthiraj, Manish Giri, Apurva Thakkar
DEOTechnologyDivision of Workforce Services Mark Miller, Paul Forrester, Falcon Street
DEOTechnologyDivision of Workforce Services Warren Lenfant, Nicole Sanislow, Garrick Wright, Lindsay Volpe

Department of Environmental Protection

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DEPTechnologyFlorida Department of Environmental Protection Aaron Koelker
DEPTechnologyFlorida Department of Environmental Protection Ansel Bubel, Eric Tano, Ali Merikhi, Lawrence Sekaluvu, Heather Moule
DEPTechnologyFlorida Department of Environmental ProtectionNNC TMDL Method TeamEric Tano, Ansel Bubel, Ken Weaver
DEPTechnologyFlorida Department of Environmental ProtectionEnterprise Grants TeamJoe Kahn, Sandy Waters, Amanda Peck, Jasmine Greene, Steve Lane
DEPServiceFlorida Department of Environmental ProtectionBiennial Assessment TeamKevin O'Donnell, David Tyler, Katrina Yancey, Jessica Mostyn, Benjamin Ralys
DEPQualityFlorida Department of Environmental ProtectionGamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area at Flagler Beach StaffMatt Bledsoe, Lynna Flannery, Kevin Callahan, Tom Redsecker, Rusty Price
DEPServiceFlorida Department of Environmental ProtectionOneDEP HAZWOPER Training TeamNeil Hornick, Matt Harris, Jeff Gregg, Joe Foote
DEPQualityFlorida Department of Environmental Protection Stephen Pindel
DEPServiceFlorida Department of Environmental Protection Tony Cole

Department of Financial Services

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DFSServiceDFS/DWC/Bureau of Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office Angelia Brown
DFSQualityOffice of the Insurance Consumer AdvocateOffice of the Insurance Consumer Advocate Jessica Lorenzi, Rebecca Griffith, Denishia Sword
DFSServiceDivision of Treasury, Bureau of Collateral Management  Sarah Dugan, Taylor Parsons, Sonja Parris

Department of Health

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DOHQualitySt. Lucie Alejandro Ramirez, Elsie Belizaire, Tagan Lovett, Anthony Sanchez, Yenicel Ruan
DOHTechnologyDisease Control and Health Protection/Bureau of Epidemiology Electronic Laboratory Reporting TeamAllison Culpepper , Kristin Jezeski , Josh Mitas, Hanqing Richbourg, Thomas Troelstrup
DOHQualityDepartment of Health in Okeechobee County Amy Cormier, Bret A. Smith, Vickie Elkins, Lison Philor-Jonassaint, Rachel Markel
DOHQualityManatee CountyStrive for 365Anastasia Peele, Dr. Carla McGill, Runa Badal, Dee LeBoff, Lynne Drawdy
DOHServiceEmergency Preparedness and Community Support Ashley Pierre-Saint, KyRo Boom, Gullermo Vasquez
DOHServiceWIC/Nutrition Division Breastpump Transport Team Christine Smith , Ursula Reyes , Melissa Ramos Baez , Esther Valverde, Reba Scott
DOHServiceFlorida Department of Health in Orange County, Dental Health Program Dr. Andres Bello, Robin Moorhead, Crystal Davis, Elizabeth Porrata, Maria Richiez
DOHTechnologyHIV/AIDS Section Medical Director / State Telehealth TeamState Telehealth TeamDr. Jeff Beal , Kerrie Peacock-Preston, Dr. Cathy Frazier, Kayra Jackson
DOHServicePublic Health ResearchBiomedical Research Grant SectionErnesto Diaz, MPH, Sheryl Mosley, Nancelyn Dittmar, Taylor Mann
DOHTechnologyDivision of Disease Control and Health Protection,  Office of Information Technology, Application Management Team Hasan Mirza, ViswaTeja Dommaraju, Saniya Waheed, Tammy Cuyler
DOHServiceDivision of Disease Control and Health Protection Jeannette Iriye, LaCandria Churchill, Brandi Knight, Jeff King, Jimmy Llaque
DOHServiceFlorida Department of Health in Pinellas County Judy Silverstein, Erin Bates, Meghan Peck
DOHServiceDivision of Public Health Statistics and Performance ManagementDeath Industry ImprovementKen Jones, Chris Mays, Ellen M. Simon, Mary Schwantes, Connie Matthews
DOHQualityManatee CountyBreastfeeding Equity EndorsersMelissa Rosenburg, Lynne Drawdy, Olivia Hilliard, Diana Zavala
DOHQualityDivision of Emergency Preparedness and Community Support - Bureau of Public Health PharmacyBPHP Product Selection Verification Process Improvement TeamNiaz Siddiqui, PharmD MBA, Talya Shahid, PharmD, Isaiah Hill
DOHServiceOffice of Medical Marijuana UseOMMU Medical Marijuana Use Registry TeamPatrick McGinnis, Chrystal Williams, Todd Schimpf, Chris Broussard, Lucy Ramirez
DOHServiceCommunity Health Opioid Prevention ProgramBroward Restaurants Educating Against Drugs (BREAD)Renee Podolsky, Reem El-Ankar, Alexandria Stevenson, Daniel Rocha
DOHServiceSt. Lucie Ronda Cerulli
DOHServiceHernando County Dept. of Health Environmental Division Stefica Depovic, Jesse McKellen, Karen Gray, Ashley Thomas
DOHTechnologyWest Central Florida Legal Consortium Travis Craig, Elaine Lewis
DOHQualityDivision of Emergency Preparedness and Community SupportHEROS Process Improvement TeamVictor Johnson, Isaiah Hill, Jalecia Thomas, Charles Felton

Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DHSMVQualityDivision of Motorist Services/Bureau of RecordsUTC Field & Administrative Support Program Area - Field Support Section Asher Lucas, Steven Bowman, Stephen Walter, Stacy Fleurissaint, Mario Rallo
DHSMVTechnologyDivision on Information Systems Administration and Division of Motorist ServicesVirtual Agent Project TeamCasey Rauschenberg, Kimberly Day, Winston Hull, Paul Mallett, Jerome Brady
DHSMVTechnologyDivision of Motorist ServicesIgnition Interlock Device (IID) Assessment Fee Tracking TeamMilton Gorsz, III, Natalie Wynn, Kevin Gray, Natasha White

Department of Management Services

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DMSServiceDivision of State Purchasing Carla McBride, Leneka Williams, Gerriod Griffin, Christia Nunnery, Andrew Fier
DMSServiceDivision of Retirement/Bureau of Enrollment & Contributions/Optional Retirement Program SectionDivision of Retirement Optional Retirement Programs TeamJoyce Morgan, Shirley Beauford, Thaddeus L. Smith Jr., Hallie Bowns
DMSServiceReal Estate Development and Management/ Bureau of Property Services/Leasing Team Ryan Meikenhous
DMSServiceDivision of State Purchasing, Bureau of Contract Management Stefanie Higgins, Catherine Sanders, Ashley Palelis
DMSTechnologyDivision of State PurchasingBureau of Contract ManagementStefanie Higgins, Cliff Nilson, Jennifer Reed

Department of Revenue

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DORQualityGeneral Tax Administration / Receivables Management ProcessReceivables Management Business Wellness Outreach TeamDorothy Hampton, Sheri McNally, Debra McGowan, Jennifer Wells, Michelle Wilson
DORServiceChild Support Program ‚Äì Customer Service ProcessEmail Customer Service Implementation Tabitha Young, Chris Faupel, Cherri Rivers, Becky Beatty

Department of Transportation

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
DOTServiceFDOT/District One/Heartland Operations Center Adam Larsen, Joshua Nolen, Wade Curles, Stanley Holdman, James "Skylar" Dove
DOTTechnologyOffice of Modal Development (OMD)/Rail Section Alexander Barr, Gregor Senger
DOTServiceOffice of Policy Planning, Office of Work Program, Office of Civil Integrated ManagementWork Program Public Hearing TeamAlison Stettner, Rusty Ennemoser, Clay Whitaker, Jared Causseaux, Roger Kreisel
DOTServiceRight of Way Christina Brown, Thuc Le
DOTServiceDeland Operations Dave Schappel
DOTTechnologyFlorida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Dellis Stanberry, Christopher Chanel
DOTServiceAuto Shop Eugenio Soriano, Will Colon
DOTServicePlanning & Environmental Management OfficeScoping Refinement Core TeamGeysa Sosa, Christine Fasiska, Sabrina Aubery
DOTTechnologyFlorida Department of Transportation Surveying and Mapping District 4D4 ABS Abstracting ServicesGrace Abel , Alverene Arjun, Diana Helmer, Susanna Rowland , Cochise Wadley
DOTTechnologyState Materials OfficeTrackless Tack Re-emulsification TeamGreg Sholar, Cassady Allen, Mike Ciccarone
DOTTechnologyDistrict 6/Design Office/Structure Design SectionStandard Spread Footers for Street Light Poles Structures Design TeamHailing Zhang, Claudia Gutierrez, Huanxi Liu, Chris Tavella
DOTQualityDistrict Seven Maintenance Jacqueline Beebe, Sean McBride, Steve Branson , Kelly Nitzman
DOTQualityDistrict Structures Maintenance Office James J. Jacobsen, Joseph E. Gadah, Tara A. Rodrigues, Julie H. Ostoski, Jonathan W. Gill
DOTServiceBroward Operations Construction  Jessica Lewis, Tyler Furrey, Erik Nemati, Deborah Ihsan
DOTTechnologyTransportation/Operations/Structures MaintenanceQA Collector ApplicationJorge Ricardo, Jessica Vargas
DOTQualityFlorida Department of Transportation - District 6 - Construction OfficeCampbell Drive TeamLazaro Mesa, Enmanuel Espinal, Andres Berisiartu
DOTQualityOviedo Operations Maggie Craven, Mary Clifton
DOTTechnologyDistrict Maintenance OfficeMaintenance Rating Program Team (D6)Maria Nieto, Leyda Carmona, Miguel Solaun, Alexander Isaac, Jorge Ricardo
DOTQualityFDOT/District 1/Heartland OperationsQuick Check Load Height Tool Michael Likens
DOTServiceDistrict Five Traffic Operations Access ManagementFDOT D5 TO PermitsMichael Sanders, Chad Lingenfelter, Clipper Tefft, Richard Labud, Justin Fleming
DOTTechnologyDistrict 7 Michael Zinn
DOTTechnologyDistrict One - Heartland Operations Nakisha Prewitt
DOTQualityFlorida Department of Transportation / District 6 / Construction OfficeFDOT Innovators for the Gateway to the  Florida KeysPablo Orozco, Geidy Coello, Tish Burgher, Andres Berisiartu, George Hoffman
DOTTechnologyCentral Office / Engineering and Operations / Office of Environmental Management Pete McGilvray, Ruth Roaza, Katasha Cornwell, Thu-Huong Clark, Brittany Bianco
DOTQualityFDOT/District Six/South Dade Maintenance/ Traffic services Richard Patrick
DOTTechnologyDistrict 2Production Report Team - 13 membersRobert L. Parks, Fae Ross, Amanda Farnell, Teresa Thrasher
DOTServiceDeland Operations Roy Caldwell
DOTQualityConstruction/District 4/Ft. Pierce Operations Saira Rothschild, David Brackin, Marla Hewson
DOTTechnologyState Materials Office/Structural Materials Systems Shannon Deese, Dennis Baldi, O'Neil Newby, Kye Dittman
DOTServiceTelecommunications Maintenance Team - Florida's TurnpikeTurnpike's Telephone System Replacement TeamShaundrick Hamilton, Mark Cassie, James Fisher, Reginald Hardee, Thomas Collins
DOTTechnologyProgram ManagementFDOT Foster Talent Analytics to Steer All Program/Policy Evolution Takezo Murasaki, Michelle O'Donnell, Yeli Sidibe, Gene Stigall, Nikki Turlington
DOTTechnologyPlanning and Environmental Management Office Tiffany Carole Gehrke
DOTTechnologyState Materials Office/Structural Materials Systems Timothy McCullough, Ronald Simmons, Alexander Lewis
DOTTechnologyDistrict 4 - Office of Modal Development - Passenger Operations Wibet Hay
DOTTechnologyProcurement Office Wilden Sanchez
DOTQualityFDOT North Dade Maintenance Willie Oliver, Bobby Abreu, Rony Blot, Mike Del Gaudio, Germary Figueroa
DOTQualityFDOT District Six Transportation Systems Management and Operations Office   Yamilet Diaz, Alejandro Motta, Sergio Bravo

Department of Veterans' Affairs

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
FDVAQualityBureau of Field Services Mark "AJ" Johnson

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
FWCQualityDivision of Marine Fisheries ManagementFishery Disaster ReliefDevin Resko, Michael Rudell, Chris Bradshaw, Brittany Waters, Manny Tran
FWCTechnologyOffice of Information Technology Jacob kline, Sarada PosinasettyLizz Davis, Jeff Pierce
FWCServiceDivision of Habitat and Species ConservationWildlife Best Management Practices Implementation Monitoring TeamMark Asleson, Robin Holland, Josh Cucinella, Ginger Feagle, Greg Marshall
FWCServiceDivision of Habitat and Species ConservationFWC Interactive Public Coyote Map Development TeamMelissa Sullivan, Catherine Hannan, Franklin "Gene" Alexander, Angeline Barker, Elizabeth "Christi" Santi

Florida Courts

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
FLCOURTSTechnologyCourt AdministrationJail ZOOM TeamHon. Joseph Marx, Rafal Krzemien, Criminal Administrative Judges, Cpt. Robert Tutko, Michael Butler
FLCOURTSQualityOffice of the State Courts Administrator - Office of Court Improvement Kathleen Tailer, Yusuf Khoudmi, Ann Perko, Karen Oehme

Florida International University

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
FIUServiceFIU Environmental Health & Safety and Division of IT, IT Media Technology Support FIU Environmental Health & Safety  and Division of IT, IT Media Technology SupportAlejandro Carreno, Tamece Knowles, Mariel Romero Guerra, Robert Romano
FIUServiceFIU Environmental Health & Safety and Division of IT, Enterprise Services GroupFIU Environmental Health & Safety and Division of IT, Enterprise Services GroupGina Gallian Oubrar, Noemi Valle, Alejandro Carreno, Sybille Baylard, Irina Rabinovich

Florida State University

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
FSUServiceInternational ProgramsInternational Programs Kicking AssetsBeth Brenneis, Erica Brooks, Louis Wright, Charles Stratton, Gina Mathis
FSUQualityInstitute for Justice Research and DevelopmentInstitute for Justice Research and DevelopmentCarrie Pettus, Amberly Prykhodko, Nancy Revell , Janeen Piotrowski, Kerensa Lockwood
FSUServiceFacilities Maintenance Daniel Sheets, Jeremy Tharpe, Chris Kimbrel, Steve Fryman
FSUServiceFlorida State University Dr. Heather Bishop, Ms. Robin Haggins, Mr. Michael Hart, Dr. Joe O'Shea
FSUServiceInformation Technology Services Gary E Chismar
FSUServiceProvost (Graduation Planning & Strategies Office) Jill Flees, Angela Rivera, Joe O'Shea
FSUTechnologyUtilitiesDesigo Migration TeamJim Stephens, Susana Arias, Desiree Caceres, Luis Villamil, Don Pittman
FSUServiceResearch Computing Center Mitch Gans
FSUQualitySustainable Green TeamSustainable Green TeamMitch Gans, Will Hill, Kev Sullivan
FSUTechnologyUtilities  Nariman Nusserwanji
FSUQualityMaster Craftsman Studio,  a unit of FSU's Facilities DepartmentMaster Craftsman PPE TeamPhil Gleason, Maggie Jones, William "Rick" Humphrey, Eric Pierce, Mark Dickson
FSUTechnologyLearning Systems Institute Rabieh Razzouk
FSUTechnologyProcurement Services Rosey Murton, Mitchell Jermyn, Geneva Miller, To-Há Tang
FSUQualityEnrollment Management / Office of the University RegistrarGraduation & Commencement ServicesTaylor Gomez, Justin Beck, Vivian Hayes, Robby Willis, Megan Benson

Justice Administrative Commission

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
JACServiceStatewide Guardian ad Litem Office Dennis Moore
JACServiceThe Statewide Guardian ad Litem Office Sara Goldfarb, Sara Urban

University of Central Florida

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
UCFServiceDepartment of Utilities & Energy ServicesUCF Administration & Finance Curt Wade, Duane Siemen, Dale Lance, Saul Santiago, Shelly King
UCFServiceDepartment of Security Steven Freund
UCFTechnologyFinancial Affairs, Financials Support Services, UCF Information Technology (UCF IT)Adaptive Planning Phase One Project TeamVarsha Das, Sean Simmons, Elena Wilson, John Gyory, Regino Besana

University of Florida

AgencyTypeEntityTeam NameTeam Members
UFQualityCollege of Liberal Arts and SciencesFamily Guide to Canvas Translation TeamGillian Lord, Youssef Haddad, Quinn Hansen, Benjamin Hebblethwaite, Stephan Kory
UFServiceOffice of Teaching and Technology Dr. Brian K. Marchman, Chris Newsom, Rabya Hein
UFServiceFacilities Services Tyler Engel
UFServiceFacilities Services Jack Locke, Ray Essex, John McClain, Sam Shuff, Ron Lee
UFTechnologyFacilities Services Chris Keane, Marty Adkins, Carlos Loria