Unleashing Digital Transformation: 2023 MakeMore Manufacturing Summit Summary Report

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The 2023 MakeMore Manufacturing Summit Report delves into the significance of digital transformation in Florida's manufacturing sector. It provides a comprehensive overview of current challenges, opportunities, and advancements within the industry, with a particular focus on the adoption of new technologies for enhanced value and profitability. Tailored for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and interested parties, the report highlights the summit's collaborative efforts to drive economic growth and job creation in Florida. It serves as a crucial resource for understanding the future direction of manufacturing in the state and underscores the importance of innovation and technology in maintaining competitive edge and fostering a robust manufacturing ecosystem.

Every Child A Swimmer Update

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The "Every Child A Swimmer" report by Florida TaxWatch highlights the high rates of child drownings in Florida, emphasizing the need for widespread swimming education and water safety measures. It advocates for legislative support to enhance water safety and prevent such incidents, stressing their economic and emotional impact.

Florida’s Labor Market Continues Cooling Down at a Slow Rate

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This Florida TaxWatch blog examines labor market changes amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with a focus on the U.S. and Florida. It notes a national slowdown in job openings, with a stable 3.7% unemployment rate, contrasting with Florida's lower 2.9% rate and job gains in most sectors. The data suggests a cooling labor market, but not enough to significantly impact inflation. Despite Federal Reserve efforts to slow the economy, there are still more jobs than unemployed persons nationally. Experts no longer anticipate a recession, but inflation concerns persist, especially if the Federal Reserve changes interest rates.

2024 Update: Long-Term Rental Markets In Florida

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This Florida TaxWatch commentary highlights the imbalance between the demand and supply of rental units in the state, leading to rising rental costs. The document notes significant increases in rental prices since the pandemic, with specific emphasis on metropolitan areas like Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville. It also addresses the impact of these rising costs on Florida's workforce and economy, including the implications for cost-burdened households. The paper further examines state-to-state migration trends, particularly focusing on Florida residents moving to Georgia for more affordable housing options. The overall narrative suggests a complex interplay between economic factors, housing market dynamics, and demographic shifts in Florida's rental market.

The Impact of Unlicensed Vacation Rentals on Florida's Economy

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"Unlicensed Vacation Rentals: An Analysis of Florida's Tourism-Driven Economy" provides an in-depth analysis of the unlicensed vacation rental market in Florida. It highlights the significant impact these rentals have on the state's tourism economy, including issues of tax evasion, safety concerns, and unfair competitive advantages over licensed properties. The research reveals a notable prevalence of unlicensed rentals in Florida, which, in 2022, constituted a significant proportion of the state’s temporary public lodging units. The study brings to light how operators of these unlicensed rentals often circumvent tax obligations, thus negatively impacting the state's revenue and creating an unlevel playing field in the tourism sector. This paper includes recommendations for stricter enforcement of licensing regulations, improved transparency in rental operations, and more efficient tax collection mechanisms to address these challenges. The paper serves as a critical resource for policymakers, business owners in the tourism sector, and tax authorities, providing essential insights to inform decisions and strategies aimed at ensuring a fair and regulated tourism industry in Florida.