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An Accurate Count in the 2020 Census is Vital for Florida

Billions of Dollars are at Stake

It is 2020, so it is time for the next United States Census, as required by the Constitution. The first census was in 1790--George Washington was President and Thomas Jefferson served as supervisor of the census. The main reason for the de- cennial census, conducted every 10 years, is to apportion representation in Congress.

But the value of the census extends far beyond that. It also helps determine the distribution of hundreds of billions of dollars in annual federal program funding to the states. It is also used for planning and decision-making throughout the public and private sectors.

Florida is now the third largest state in the nation with 21.5 million people and one of the fastest growing—adding 640 people a day. Florida has a history of being undercounted in the census and an undercount in this census will negatively impact the state for another ten years.

See report below, or visit the Census page for more information!

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