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Florida TaxWatch Commends Governor DeSantis for Signing E-Fairness Legislation

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. –  Today, Florida TaxWatch (FTW) commended Governor DeSantis for signing the historic bill passing E-Fairness legislation to protect and serve the taxpayers of Florida.

As FTW has said for 20 years, the non-collection of sales taxes on sales to in-state customers by remote (out-of-state) sellers has been one of the most significant tax compliance and collection issues facing Florida and other states for many years. Today, Florida joins the 43 other states (of the 45 with a sales tax) that have acted on this critical issue, most importantly, putting the burden of tax collection on the out-of-state sellers, where it belongs.  

Florida TaxWatch President and CEO Dominic M. Calabro said, “Finally, Florida taxpayers will no longer be inadvertently breaking the law. E-Fairness has been a priority tax and fairness issue for Florida TaxWatch for decades, so we’re thankful that the Legislature recognized the value of enacting what has been called a “Taxpayer Penalty Relief Endeavor” to remove the existing taxpayer penalty while helping the state’s economy recover from COVID-19. The combination of each of these provisions will certainly have significant and lasting benefits on Florida’s fiscal landscape, leading to a more prosperous future for all.

“SB 50 is one of the most significant pieces of tax legislation in Florida’s history. The final bill contains four Florida TaxWatch-recommended provisions. It levels the playing field for Florida businesses by forcing online sellers without a physical presence in Florida to collect and remit Florida sales tax, just as those with a presence in Florida do today; includes a significant reduction in the business rent tax, essentially a sales tax on the amount a business pays each month to lease physical space; uses the revenue collected to replenish the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund, which was decimated in 2020 as a result of a historic spike in Floridians filing for Reemployment Assistance; and switches sales tax calculations to a rounding system, which will simplify the collection of sales taxes for Florida businesses, and ultimately save the taxpayers money.

“Thanks to all the people who have worked for years to make this happen.  A special salute goes to the new act's namesake, the late, great Randy Miller. Florida TaxWatch is extremely grateful to Rep. Chuck Clemons and Sen. Joe Gruters for championing this important issue again this session. They’re both true public servants who know that E-Fairness legislation can boost the state economy and support their constituents and all Floridians who are getting back on their feet.” 

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